How One Founder Launched a Second Product Line

In 2010 Nathan Resnick, the current founder and CEO of Yes Man Watches, spent an entire year living with a host family in China as part of a high school program. During that year he attended a local Chinese high school and learned what being part of a different culture was all about. This summer, Resnick embarked on another journey to China to find out about how sunglasses are manufactured.

Yes Man #1His travels began in Shen Zhen, China a region in the southern part of the country that borders Hong Kong. In this small region sunglasses are manufactured all over. For two weeks Resnick toured various manufacturers to get a feel for the machined processes and lifestyle of the factories. After visiting the factories it was made obvious to Resnick why companies never showed images of their factories, the conditions were sub par at best. He set forward to make a difference, and do his best to try and find and honest and reliable supplier.

He would soon meet Zhang Cheng ( 张承) the nephew of a bamboo farmer in the rural area of Shen Zhen. The farm was located three hours outside of downtown Shen Zhen. “I went there early the next morning…what I found was incredible: natural, handpicked bamboo.” Resnick would soon meets Zhang Cheng’s uncle and discuss the idea of creating bamboo sunglasses. “Together we decided to craft hybrid bamboo sunglasses using the bamboo that was grown on the farm.” Each arm of the bamboo sunglasses is hand-carved with love and care from the bamboo farm and region of Shen Zhen. Resnick had accomplished more than he set out to do, he found a supplier and manufacturer for his Yes Man Sunnies bamboo sunglasses, but more importantly he found a business partner that he could learn from.

Yes Man #2

Shortly after the trip the Yes Man Sunnies collection was launched on Kickstarter with the goal of $10,000 to bring the sunglasses to life.

Yes Man #3

The sunglasses are 100% handmade, affordable with a starting price of only $35, polarized, warranty protected, and high quality. As a way to give back to others as well Mr. Zhang and Resnick decided to donate 10% of the Kickstarter profits to Pandas International, a non-profit organization that helps and protected endangered pandas.

The dream for Resnick began this past January when he said “Yes” and successfully launched and funded his first project on Kickstarter Yes Man Watches. “We realized a lot of projects lack transparency,” Resnick said. “We’re here to change that and show how our sunglasses are actually made.” With a strong story and wave of support it is easy to see why Resnick and the Yes Man team are conquering their dreams and inspiring people across the world

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