BBands: Headbands Designed to Inspire

Bianca Perry, a student at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois is looking to empower young women to become the best version of themselves with her business BBands. Growing up as a student-athlete, Bianca was annoyed by the lack of generic headband offerings that could be used for sports. She took it upon herself to create a headband that had both fashion and function and could be used for sports.

With this spark in her mind, BBands was born.In high school in Lincoln, Nebraska Bianca began to sell her unique no-slip headbands to girls throughout the halls and beyond. By the time she was a senior she had sold nearly 3,000 BBands, and accepted a scholarship to play Division 1 soccer at DePaul University. Unfortunately just 3 weeks into the season Bianca tore her ACL, and had to leave a game that she loved. “It’s funny,” Perry noted, “that when one door closes another one opens.”

With her redirected energy, Bianca began to manufacture BBands in her dorm room.  She teamed up with a fellow DePaul women’s soccer player and established their mission to create a product with meaning and clear purpose. “BBands are designed to inspire, and each headband has an encouraging tagline to motivate young women in their lives,” Perry said.

The new BBand duo would soon go on to place in the Launch DePaul shark tank competition, and take home $1,000 to fuel their buzzing brand. “It is a pretty simple idea,” Perry stated, “we create two-tone fabric headbands that stay in place and look good.” What makes Bianca’s brand different from other homemade fashion startups is the deeply rooted mission of helping young girls that provides the foundation for BBands.

BBands is quickly growing outside of Bianca’s dorm room, and with a newly minted e-commerce website the brand now reaches even farther. “We definitely feel that potential to take BBands to the next level. The product is pleasing, and we really do want to create a community around BBands that unites people together,” Perry explained. As the team continues to uphold its mission,  they hope to support local economies by hiring local women to sew the BBand product.

Innovating the headband game is just the beginning for Bianca and the BBand team. With graduation around the corner Bianca is planning to keep sales growing for a future nationwide launch. Her best piece of advice for students starting out, “Go for it. All the resources. Ask for it.” With product partnerships in place, customizing BBands for teams and fundraiser events, and even sponsoring all-star triathletes, BBands has a clear path ahead to make a difference and build a truly unique brand. “Creating a purpose, a passion, that is what I believe we have truly done.”

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