College Startup Magazine is the original/first independent international publication that highlights the stories of student and recent alumni (<5 years) entrepreneurs as a way to better connect university entrepreneurial communities and promote them on a broader platform.

We are inspired by the passionate individuals we meet, speak with, and learn from, and when it comes to building an ecosystem for college entrepreneurship you will be hard-pressed to find anyone with more passion than the people behind College Startup.


“College Startup is a great platform for young entrepreneurs to learn from each other’s ideas, successes, and challenges in the early stages of their businesses. The more people innovate and come up with new products, services, and ideas the more people’s lives can be influenced for the better and College Startup is a great tool to spread the message.”
Dilan Omari, StudentDigz

“College Startup was extremely helpful during Roomswap’s Kickstarter campaign. Their team’s passion for millennial entrepreneurship definitely showed during our interview. They helped my company’s kickstarter campaign gain traction and credibility. Just a week or so after the article was published we became fully funded. Thanks College Startup!”
– Carey Flack, RoomSwap

“College Startup is a great platform with a student centered focus. It’s cool to have students writing for students about student start-ups; for Wheeli that has been key to spreading the word through different college campuses. Additionally, it keeps the story relevant for our peers. I am sure I will be reading the stories for a long time to come.”
J.P. Adechi, Wheeli


Founded in 2012, College Startup has also produced events such as the College Startup Showcase and the College Startup x Launchpad LI Pitch Contest. Post the events we became the first online website to specifically cover startup stories emerging from colleges and universities across the United States.